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The perfect smile enhancers

Sometimes getting the perfect smile means that some teeth will need to be realigned. Because secondary or adult teeth do not come in uniformly they may push against other teeth and the jawline, creating crooked or misaligned teeth.

But Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids provides complete orthodontic services that can help. We’ll not only correct the most persistent effects of crooked teeth, but we’ll enhance your child’s smile so they can show it off in every photograph!

Stop painful teeth grinding

Does your child wake up with a sore jaw? Are their teeth sensitive to things like hot or cold foods? Do they experience persistent pain in their teeth and jawline? If you answered yes, there may be a problem with teeth grinding. Teeth grinding often occurs during sleep and most people will not realize that they do it yet it can be a common contributor to the above symptoms.

If your child grinds their teeth, it’s time to make an appointment with Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids. We offer comfortable mouth wear that you can wear at night to prevent teeth grinding and the damage caused by it.

Braces can correct most dental issues

Misaligned teeth aren’t just the only problem that braces can fix. Underbites, overbites, and issues created with teeth grinding can be fixed with a set of braces and orthodontic mouth guards. Traditional wire braces are applied to your teeth and affixed to brackets that are installed on each tooth. Over a while—traditionally eighteen to thirty-six months—your teeth will be brought into alignment with the help of these braces.

Braces are painless to install. To maintain optimal dental health, your child will need to stay current with regular brushings and orthodontic appointments to keep your teeth clean and check on your progress. Make sure to make an appointment every six months to track progress and maintain your child’s braces.

Get seamless orthodontic care with Invisalign

Most teenagers are concerned with their appearance and worry that traditional braces will negatively affect them but Invisalign can put those fears to rest. Your child will be able to smile in photographs with confidence and will still get all the benefits of traditional braces. Discover what Invisalign can do for your child by making an appointment today!

Get effective treatment for crooked, misaligned teeth, underbites, overbites, teeth grinding, and more with effective orthodontic services from Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids. We offer traditional wire form braces, effective mouth guards, retainers, and even Invisalign. Protect your kid’s smile by scheduling an appointment today!

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