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Types of Sedation

Discover anxiety-free dentistry

One of the biggest reasons why children fear visiting the dentist is because of pain or the perception of pain. But at Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids, we strive to provide not only a comfortable and relaxing environment but one that minimizes discomfort and helps establish a positive dental experience. That’s why we provide a variety of in-office sedation techniques when it is required.

Minimal sedation – Your child will be comfortable and relaxed. This method is commonly used for topical treatments such as filling cavities or removing a single tooth.

Moderate sedation – Your child will remain conscious but likely will experience a numbness throughout their body. They may also slur their words. This may be used for treatments such as removal of multiple teeth.

General anesthesia – During general anesthesia. Your child will be fully unconscious. This option is typically only used when oral surgery or full mouth rehabilitation is required.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Sometimes it is not necessary to provide extensive sedation for your child’s dental procedure. For relatively quick procedures, we offer an inhaled sedation technique by using what is commonly referred to as laughing gas. Using nitrous oxide is among the safest and most cost-effective forms of general anesthesia. Side effects are commonly limited to nausea and vomiting but there are no long-lasting effects. This form of sedation is completely child-friendly. However, some patients who experience bowel obstructions should not use nitrous oxide.

Toothtown Dentistry for Kids strives to provide you state-of-the-art dental care with ease and comfort. Ask your dentist about any questions you may have about sedation. Contact our offices today 704.313.4000 and schedule your child’s appointment.


Discover a painless dental experience with Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids. We offer pain-free in-office sedation for specialized procedures when your child needs more advanced dental care. We offer minimal, moderate, and deep sedation techniques. We also offer general anesthesia when the situation calls for it. Contact us to learn more.

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