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Provide the very best care for your baby

Practicing healthy habits can prevent and reduce tooth decay in children. It is important to establish a dental home and care for your child’s teeth from birth. Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids provides handy resources that way you have the information to provide the best care for your child.

Dental decay is preventable but an infectious transmissible disease.

Here are some tips to help prevent this disease:

  • Avoid sharing utensils
  • Avoid cleaning a pacifier by putting it in your mouth
  • Avoid cleaning a bottle nipple, checking temperature of the bottle with your mouth

Here are a few tips to help develop healthy oral habits:

  • Clean your infant’s gums after feeding
  • Don’t put your baby to bed with a bottle or allow them to feed with a bottle “at will”

The teething process typically takes approximately thirty-six months. Follow this handy chart to learn when your children’s teeth will come in.

  • Central incisors: 6–12 months
  • Lateral incisors: 9–16 months
  • First molars: 13–19 months
  • Canine teeth: 16–23 months
  • Second molars: 22–33 months

No doubt you’ll be excited to see their first tooth come in. However, this usually comes with a fair amount of fussing and distress for your baby as the front incisors push through the tender gum line. To ease these symptoms, chill the teething rings or cold wet washcloth will help alleviate some of the discomfort.

Getting ready for your child’s first visit

It is highly recommended to establish a dental home no later than 12 months of age. We will check to see if they are aligning correctly and check for cavities. We will also provide helpful tips on nutritional counseling, oral habits that will help ensure that their teeth remain healthy and equip you with floss, toothbrush, and fluoride to help your child maintain good oral health.

Stop thumb sucking now

Many young children will often develop an oral fixation either with their thumbs or with a pacifier (binky). While many children will simply outgrow this habit, some do not. Long-term use of pacifiers or thumb sucking can have negative impacts on your child’s dental health. It can cause the teeth to misalign and make them more prone to cavities. That’s where the friendly dentists at Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids can help. We can recommend special oral habit appliances to help stop thumb sucking habits.

If you have concerns about the development of your children’s teeth or if they are in persistent pain, call our offices immediately at (704) 313 – 4000


Teething is an important first milestone for your baby, but it can come with fussing and discomfort. Discover the best ways to help your child through teething and get them ready for their first dental appointment. We can help your child stop binky usage and thumb sucking. Make an appointment today!

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