Fluoride Treatment and Sealants

Protecting your child’s teeth from cavities

Brushing and flossing can go a long way toward stopping tooth decay and preventing cavities. But you might be missing an important ingredient to protect your children’s teeth – fluoride. Using fluoride can help prevent tooth decay. This naturally occurring substance is perfect for neutralizing the corrosive effects that many foods and drinks have on your child’s teeth.

Let the friendly dentists at Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids make a recommendation. Call our office to schedule your child’s next regular cleaning and answer any questions regarding fluoride.

Effective sealants to combat tooth decay

Some children may be more prone to tooth decay than others. If your child is susceptible to additional decay, whether as a result of genetic or environmental conditions, we may recommend installing sealants on your child’s back teeth.

Dental sealants are acrylic-like materials that shield common forms of bacteria from infecting and damaging the teeth. We recommend typically installing sealants to the back teeth at about the same time as when the rear molars are fully developed, typically around six years old.

Successful aftercare for sealants

Installing sealants is a quick, easy, and painless process. The solution is applied to the surface of the tooth. This helps bond the tooth’s enamel more effectively so the sealant can be applied. After this, the tooth is washed, dried, and the sealant is applied. In some cases, it will be applied with a special brush and in others, ultraviolet light will help bond the sealant.

The procedure only takes a few minutes. Sealants can last for many years, depending on oral habits. Sealants are only applied to certain teeth and they cannot be employed to the spaces between your child’s teeth, so it is important to maintain a healthy regimen of brushing and flossing.

After a sealant is installed, it is best to avoid certain foods like hard pretzels, candy, and sticky food. This will prevent the sealant from being accidentally dislodged. If a sealant is accidentally removed your child may not notice it until their next visit.

Expert Pediatric Dentistry in Indian Trail, NC

Healthy dental habits lead to healthy smiles. That’s why it is important to schedule regular cleaning and exams for your child every six months. A lot can change in six months as new teeth come in often. Make an appointment for Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids today!

Whether it is just a regular visit, fixing a cavity, our goal is to give your child a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Ensure that your child has few cavities at their next regular six months exams by using regular fluoride treatments when they brush and floss their teeth. We can also provide effective dental sealants to your child’s rear teeth if they are especially susceptible to tooth decay. Schedule their next exam by calling our offices today!

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