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From the ages of eight to thirteen, your child will have a mix of primary and adult teeth. This can result in special challenges as the emergence of adult teeth will put pressure on the baby teeth that are still in place. This pressure can result in common ailments such as underbites, overbites, teeth grinding, gaps in teeth, and more.

It’s important to maintain regular appointments to detect and treat these problems as soon as possible which can additionally reduce the negative self-image and self-esteem issues that these ailments may come with at this age.

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Effective and affordable braces

One of the most effective ways to combat underbites, overbites, crooked and misaligned teeth is with traditional wire from braces. These braces are easy to install and easy for your child to take care of. These braces are the best way to correct spacing issues for your child’s teeth.

Braces are implemented via attaching to brackets that sit on your child’s teeth. It’ll gently place pressure on the tooth to help it grow into its correct place. We can help recommend a specialist to help make this process as easy and comfortable.

Wisdom teeth removal

It is becoming common that most teenagers will have to have one or more wisdom teeth removed. This is a result of a gradually shortening jawline. Often some wisdom teeth may not develop at all, leading to pain while chewing on one side. Occasionally, wisdom teeth will become impacted, leading to infections and other problems.

Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids will keep an eye on your child’s wisdom teeth development to ensure they develop properly. In the case that they need to be taken out, we can refer to a specialist.

Tooth Town Dentistry for Kids provides the very best in adolescent dentistry for children from the ages of six and up. We can correct misalignments, overbites, and underbites with effective dental care and orthodontics. We provide traditional wire form and Invisalign braces. Get the very best in care for your child. Call us today!

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